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All Members earn 50% cash commissions from Pro referrals. We have cash contests that any member can win, Please see our cash policy in our FAQ Section.

You MUST Be A PAID Upgraded Member To Receive Cash from daily cash surf prizes. Cash earned before Upgrade CANNOT be cashed out.

Free Members, and This Includes Members With Free Upgrades, May ONLY Use The Cash To Pay For Advertising Or An Upgrade.

EXCEPTION: When we have a surf contest cash prizes will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

Paid Pro members can request payout when you have a $5.00 balance in your account after you have been a paid member for 35 days.

Arch-Hits.com : Welcome

Welcome to Arch-Hits enjoy great traffic

Why should you use Arch Hits?

We help you send thousands of visitors to your website with very little effort. After you start using Arch Hits
your websites will become much more active which means more customers, more subscribers, and more sign ups to your affiliate programs. Best of all its 100% free.
How does it work?
Its ridiculously easy, just sign up visit other members websites earn credits for each website you visit, Exchange those credits for other members to visit your website. The people visiting your website are just like you and me, Site/Blog owners or Online marketers looking for new opportunities to increase their sales, networks, down lines, and membership base. After you begin using our system you will see just how easy it really is to make your visitor count sky rocket. As soon as you join and add your sites they are in our surf system, they are also in our master rotator and will be shown on 1000s of traffic sites this is just one of the Arch-Hits membership benefits we advertise for you.
                                        Drive high quality free traffic to your website!
                                        Increase sales, sign ups, & Make more money!
How do I get started?
* 1: Sign up and confirm your e-mail address.
* 2: Login and activate your account.
* 3: Add your websites.
* 4: Start driving quality traffic to your site!

Arch Hits is Loaded with all the state of the art features you need to drive QUALITY Traffic to your websites, 24 hours a day  365 days a year :o)
Here are just some of the Arch Hits Features you will receive...
* 2:1 Surf Ratio, with all our prizes and bonuses you can get up to 1:1 surfing so you will earn more credits.
* You can earn even more credits by promoting your Free rotator that we provide. This promotes only the pages or offers that you have listed in your account. The rotator shows your photo and a short statement and is tied to your referral number, this brands you to your offers and helps to build a downline here which lessens your surfing.
* Purchase the first page on our surf bar with credits or PayPal
*Say good bye to  Frame Breakers
* Send Solo Adverts, you can trade credits or purchase
* Purchase Other Premium(High Visability) Advertisement with
credits or PayPal
* Lots of Credits and some times  extra cash while surfing
*All Members Earn 50% Commissions, Free members earn a one time per Pro referral commission, Pro members earn  recurring commissions 

 Great Benefits for Free members, and even better for our Pro members

*Free members receive 200 credits, 200 text cedits, 200 banner credits to start your advertising off.

* Need your own page to advertise with? We have several options to show all your offers, here at Arch Hits and the rest of the Arch Advertising family below

Arch Hits has been set up so members can easily earn their way into premium advertising by using credits and account cash to further your advertising across the whole of the Arch Network.
There are so many options available for
all your advertising needs please take a look.

NOTE:- We will not flood you with over Inflated Credits to deal with the many cheaters that surf and not look.
Instead we have very advanced Anti-Cheat methods so we can assure that only real human eyes are looking at your offers!!!!


Upload your image and a few words and advertise.
Good for branding you, on our site, use your personalized splashpage - including your banner and testimonial for your site/program or Arch Hits, build your downline here and your program, personalized rotator that is supplied free to all members, your personal branding is shown on our surfbar when your page shows in surf, your photo and statement shows on the surfbar. Your photo and statement shows on a static page here at Arch-Hits. This helps brand you and the offers you present.

Downline Builder

We have two downline builders one with the owners choice of programs that you only need to add your referral number then any referrals you have can join those programs that they are not already a member of under you to build those downlines. We have another builder that can show up to 10 banners of your choice and start building your downlines using our system of three splash pages to your programs. Advertise splash1 to show programs 1-5, splash2 shows 6-10, splash3 shows all 10, build all or certain ones. The programs/banners can be changed by you at anytime, will show as soon as approved. Building your downlines is very important and helps with Any program you advertise. Builing your downline in traffic exchanges helps cut down the time that you need to surf.

Advertise on the Arch Hits Advertising Network

Not interested in another sign-up to a traffic exchange and only interested in advertising on the Arch Hits Network
Click the HelpDesk link on our left menu and use our secure purchasing to get 468x60, 125x125, to purcahse banner advertising. Your banners are advertised on the many sites involved in the Arch Hits advertising network. Arch-Hits can even provide no surfing even no member signup advertising priced per 1,000 hits for URLs. Your advertisements can be shown when and where Arch-Hits advertises in a lot of traffic exchanges, text ad exchanges, and mailers.

Arch-Hits Hosting

We can provide hosting for any size website. Hosting for personal websites and blogs, with shared hosting plans at great prices. Business plans from unlimited shared plans to dedicated hosting. Traffic Exchange and Text Ad Exchange hosting on fast VPS servers, this is not starting shared hosting plans. This is for when you are ready to move up to dependable hosting without downtime because the exchange next door went down. The Arch-Hits network runs on VPS or Virtual Private Server hosting, a mid size VPS can handle multiple exchanges and the rest of the websites and pages you own. When your business grows to the point where you need your own dedicated server, we have a plan for that at a competitive price.

All the above can be found on your left in the main menu links: 


ArchHits.com is NOT an Internet Investment Business.
We will not ask you to invest any money
and will not pay you interest on any money you send us.
If you purchase goods or services from this website.
There will be no element of "investment" in that payment.
And the entire purchase price will be for the selected goods or service only!